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Re: Skype under Fedora-10

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Gabriel Ramirez wrote:
the only one alternative in opensource was jabber

No, there's SIP too. At least Ekiga supports video in addition to audio.

I discarded SIP because is create another account

So why do you say earlier that there's only Jabber?

Well I knew about SIP, but I'm/was searching a replacement to Instant messaging with Voice/Video included, SIP don't cover IM, so in my user scenario (different from the OP) I discarded SIP.

That said, at least the M$N protocol is supported by Free Software, unlike
the Skype one. So it's not that big a problem.

        Kevin Kofler

yeah but still it's a workeable/liveable problem because when Microsoft change the protocol, ( by itself isn't a problem the protocol is property of Microsoft ) and the open source clients need be updated, so
not a "perfect" solution exists today for me.


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