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Re: how to install windows after fedora

Nathan Huang wrote:
> Hi guys
> I want to install window server after I installed fedora. Who can tell
> me how to?
> And if I reinstall windows after severial days and how to still make
> fedora work as normal?
> thanks in advance
> nathan
As long as you left room for Windows, the main thing you have to do
is re-install Grub. Because Windows was not installed when grub.conf
was created, you will also have to create an entry for it after
installing Windows. (There are ways to make the Windows boot loader
load Fedora, but that is harder to do.)

The first step is to install Windows, making sure that it only uses
the free space, or, if doing a re-install, the Windoes partition.

After Windows is installed and working, you will need to boot with
the install disk, and choose to rescue an existing system. Then pick
re-install boot loader. (I may have the menu entries wrong, I am
working from memory.)

Once you are done with that, you will need to boot into Fedora, and
add the entry for Windows. (Only the first time.)


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