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Re: Where is eth0/eth1/assigned -

Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-06-04 at 16:02 -0400, Mike Burger wrote:
>> You can remove the line for eth0, then take the line for eth1, and as long
>> as the "ATTR{address}" line matches the MAC address of your current eth1
>> NIC, just change:
>> NAME="eth1"
>> to
>> NAME=eth0"
>> Reboot, and voila!!!
> Is there a way to have the udev changes read by the kernel and other OS
> bits without having to reboot the box?
You can try "udevadm control --reload_rules" - this will tell udevd
about the rule changes. You will probably have to remove and
re-install the NIC module for the change to take affect. You will
have to bring down eth1 before removing the module, and you will
want to bring up eth0 after re-installing it.


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