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Re: Will F11 save sessions?

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
Beartooth <Beartooth comcast net> writes:
Does that work if I have several UPSs as well as several computers? Also, two laptops and an EeePC are sometimes in the LAN, sometimes not -- and may be connected to various UPSs ...

There is also a program called apcusd (also in yum) that will allow one
main computer to signal an orderly shutdown of a bunch of clients before
it, itself shuts down.  I run it here in standalone mode since only the
main computer is on the ups.  It works fine.  Just remember to test with
the computer plugged into the 110v line directly and a 100w bulb or two
plugged into the ups.  You can make sure the shutdown is orderly and
work out the bugs before going live.  I like to test by throwing the
breakers -- that way it is a true test without all sorts of little stuff
like routers modems staying on and acting differently from a real power

Why should that be any different? My cable modem and router are plugged into the same UPS as my home server. That way, when we first lose power, we don't lose the Internet connection (unless the ISP has also lost power), nor do we lose the wireless connection to the laptops which have batteries.


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