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Re: how to install wmware in foedora 64

On 6/6/2009 6:02 PM, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> David wrote:
>> On 6/5/2009 11:50 PM, Nathan Huang wrote:
>> VMware is closed source and expensive. About $200.00 American dollars
>> for a license that is good for one release and a discount on the update
>> to the next release only. Third update is full price again.
> Maybe for business pricing, but when I installed VMWare server, I was
> able to obtain (from VMWare) 10 licenses for free.  I'd upgraded twice
> since then (once from the .i386 to the .x86_64 RPM) and no cost has been
> associated with it, nor has my working license "expired".
> Now, I must admit, that my Windows XP vmware-image came from my vendor,
> but as long as you already have a virtual OS set up, there is no cost to
> upgrade.  I haven't tried to create a new image either (which I assume I
> can just put one of my remaining 9 licenses towards).

He was not talking about VMware Server. I, personally, have never used
it. Something that bothers me here though, unless it is a 'different
languages' thing is that the OP said that "it's too complicated to
install vmware in fedora 64". If it's too complicated to install then
how will it be trying to run it?

>> An application that is very similar, free of cost and open source, is
>> Virtualbox.
>> Located here. http://www.virtualbox.org/
>> Very easy to install and to use.



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