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ati driver problem on fc 8 with mplayer


I had no problems with this system until I decided to update the Mobility FireGL V5250 driver on my FC 8 system. Don't ask why FC 8 still unless you really want to know.

After making an unwise decision to delete the pkg that provided the functional driver, I updated with the latest ATI-AMD driver. The install process complains thusly "gcc: modules.c: No such file or directory". I assumed (there's that word) that I wouldn't need the old pkg and that there would be no problems. What a misteak.

I don't know enough about the interaction of the various components to be able to isolate the cause and repair my system which has been re-installed freshly with FC 8. The X11 components work on this system now but mplayer will not display full screen.

Does anyone in this list know what's going on and what to do to resolve the problem here?

ANY hints/tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



"It's not what you know that hurts you, It's what you know that ain't so." Wil Rogers

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