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Re: Skype under Fedora-10

>> Skype's a lousy idea, for various reasons, and that's just one of them.

Rick Stevens:
> A blanket statement bound to generate flames if I ever saw one.  I might
> as well start the flame fest.
> I disagree, Tim.  Skype is a good idea.  There are bits that could be
> done better, but parts of the service require quite a bit of capital
> investment and there has to be a way to fund that.  Subscriptions is
> one way.

I don't care if they run a service that people can pay for.  What I do
care about is a lockin/lockout system.  Skype only talks to Skype.  The
same problem with various other VOIP systems; the proprietary ones only
talk to their own.  I've used a few VOIP systems that gave you no way to
even dial anyone outside of their own system.  Sure you can pay extra to
get a PSTN number, but the other side might have to do the same thing,
too.  And just having one side *have* to do that, never mind both,
obviates the purpose of using VOIP, in the first place.

Which leaves you in the position that's stuffed us all around for a
decade with instant messaging:

Having to run multiple clients, or one multi-client (which never quite
does the job well), because some of your contacts are on Yahoo, some on
MSN, others on ICQ, etc., and you're unable to convince them all to
switch to the same one.  Many of them blissfully ignorant about what's
wrong about that, and many of them don't give a damn.  And good luck
with the audio configuration issues of trying to get multiple VOIP
systems working side by side.

Skype tries to force everyone onto their system.  And their system has
plenty of other unsavoury aspects to it.  The more anyone reverse
engineers their closed system, the more disagreeable things are found
out about it.  Heck, even using some of these VOIP systems you find they
suck at audio quality, so not wanting to use a particular client for
non-technical reasons, is also a part of the equation.

Taking the converse:  We've got a standard email system that works no
matter what client you use, and you don't have to use the same one as
the opposite end of your conversation.  Likewise with HTTP, FTP, and
other protocols (such as a few VOIP ones).  And there's nothing stopping
any enterprising business from making money by producing a super dooper
client that people might prefer over one of the free ones, yet still
uses standard protocols.

Skype doesn't have to be a bastard, they do it deliberately.

For a change I'm with Kevin on this one.  Though it's not the same as
his issues with hardware.  Anyone can produce and disseminate
alternative software.  Hardware can only be produced by manufacturers.
Kowtowing to Skype is the thin end of the wedge, you might as well go
the whole way, and use a completely proprietary system behind it
(Windows, etc.), too, if you think it's easier to just go with the flow.

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