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Re: Skype under Fedora-10

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> writes:
And their system has plenty of other unsavoury aspects to it.  The
more anyone reverse engineers their closed system, the more
disagreeable things are found out about it.

Normally one just has to worry about theoretical problems with trojans
hidden inside binary programs like skype.  In this case, it is quite
clear from looking at the traffic that skype was stealing user's
bandwidth for carrying totally unrelated 3rd-party voice traffic by
looping it into and out of the user's system.
Well as far as I know it's stated that Skype uses p2p-protocol which uses computers of other people to route the calls to get better voice transport and one of the reasons I don't keep it running except when making calls to other countries landlines. As far as I can remember they were quite upfront about it from the start.

That feature actually is one which is missing from sip, if someone would make opensource voip-solution which would be secure and use p2p as transport we could maybe see real alternative to skype. Truth is that there is a lot of computers which cannot act as a server and no-one will want to host voip server for free (in large scale) so that two of these behind nat computers could talk with eachother.

And because of abundance of free but closed source alternatives like skype, msn, yahoo no one will be willing to pay for the service either.


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