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Re: Fedora 11 (Rawhide) and Firefox

Tim and Alison Bentley <Home TRARBentley net> writes:
> Is anyone having problems with FireFox 3.5 Beta 4 having upgraded to
> Rawhide?

Well, firefox has never been on my "10 best working programs list", but
Fedora/3.5-0.20.beta4.fc11 works for me.

The one annoying bug I see is that it no longer displays the full
"google lattitude" widget in iGoogle.  Something changed for the worse
and the friends list no longer loads.  Since that whole thing is a mess
of javascript, it isn't clear who's fault the breakage is.  It might
just be bad code on Google's part.

> Any thoughts and ideas?

You may just need to blow away your ~/.mozilla directory and start off
afresh.  You might also want to resist installing any add-ons and see if
things are a bit more stable then.

It if is still bad I'd run the memory test memtest86+ for a few hours.

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht              Android 1.5 (Cupcake) and Fedora-11

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