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Re: Skype under Fedora-10

Veli-Pekka Kestilä <fedora guagua fi> writes:
> Truth is that there is a lot of computers which cannot act as a server
> and no-one will want to host voip server for free (in large scale) so
> that two of these behind nat computers could talk with eachother.

The scurge that is NAT won't get fixed until users start demanding real
IP addresses for their computers from their ISP's.  So far programs like
skype steal bandwidth from unsuspecting users with real IP's in order to
service the slackers behind NAT boxes.  That has to stop.

Now, SIP and especially RTP are good examples of protocols designed by
committee.  I'm talking large headers and a zillion different operating
sub-modes, many of them incompatible or at least ambiguous as to what
they mean in combination with one another.  Look at any ChangesLog for a
sip phone or open source program and you'll see all the weird cases the
software folks had to deal with.  That is never good.  It keeps the cost
of entry high enough that you won't see many folks try to write clients.

It would be good for some open-source group to just get back to basics.
Sending a stream of audio bits across the net shouldn't take a zillion
pages of code or a huge header for each data packet.

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht              Android 1.5 (Cupcake) and Fedora-11

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