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RE: RedHat PDC Setup Instructions...

>> Lupo, Kelly a écrit :
>> I was wondering if there were any RedHat (preferably RHEL or CentOS) 
>> docs regarding the setup of a Linux PDC.  I know there's a lot of 
>> "here's how to configure Samba / LDAP / etc", but I was really looking 
>> for a step by step guide (with or without pretty pictures) on what to 
>> install straight from the beginning...  I only found one such thing, 
>> but it was for Ubuntu.  :(
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Kelly
> This question should be asked on either the RHEL mailing list or the CentOS one, not 
> on the Fedora list. Also read the guidelines, HTML emails are not welcome on this 
> list.
> Last but not least [1] or [2] should get you started.
> T.
> [1] http://kbase.redhat.com/faq/docs/DOC-10071
> [2] http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-Guide/

Apologies for the HTML mail.  You're right, I should have re-read the guidelines before asking; I'd been lurking here for so long that I forgot.  Sorry.  Also, unless Fedora *cannot* be used as a PDC, I am not adverse to using it over RHEL / CentOS.  (I have just come across more servers using those two than Fedora, but this is a learning project, not a production project...)

Thank you for the links.  I was looking for something more along the lines of which packages should be pre-installed as I am setting up the OS for the first time (nipping most dependancy problems before they start), but might have to do this manually.

Again, thank you.  I am switching lists shortly, as I tend to use RHEL more often than Fedora at this point and am in the wrong place.


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