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Re: Running 2.6.27 on F11 instead of 2.6.29

john wendel wrote:
Suvayu Ali wrote:
john wendel wrote:
Suvayu Ali wrote:
I want to upgrade mostly because of XFCE 4.6. I wanted to get rid of Gnome completely and move to XFCE and Windowmaker. Gnome is too slow even on high-end hardware like mine. Sometimes simply opening Firefox or Thunderbird takes ages(5-10s). If someone were to tell me XFCE 4.6 would be available in F10 I would abandon all this jumping through hoops right away. :)

You don't need to upgrade to try XFCE 4.6. I'm running XFCE 4.6 on an F8 box. Just get the installer from the XFCE site and run it. You can install in a local directory under your home directory, so it won't touch anything else on your F10 system.

Then add the following it your .bash_profile :


Switch to run-level 3 and run "startxfce4" and you're there.

Hi John,

Do you have a link for the installer? I can't seem to find any from xfce.org. I however found a mirror from a post at forum.xfce.org.


Are these the ones I should be downloading?

I don't remember exactly where I got the installer I used, but the link you have looks OK. You might want to search for a 4.6.1 installer, but I don't see one. Looks like I need to update. If I find anything, I'll post it.

I found out the installers for 4.6.1 have not been packaged yet. :(

After installing the dependencies you had listed, there were few more that I had to install. The installer still complains about libSM-devel and libjpeg-devel despite those packages being installed.

yum list installed \*libSM\*
Installed Packages
libSM.x86_64           1.1.0-2.fc10   installed
libSM-devel.x86_64     1.1.0-2.fc10   installed

yum list installed \*libjpeg\*
Installed Packages
libjpeg.x86_64         6b-43.fc10     installed
libjpeg-devel.x86_64   6b-43.fc10     installed



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