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Re: Skype under Fedora-10

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Veli-Pekka Kestilä wrote:
That feature actually is one which is missing from sip, if someone would
make opensource voip-solution which would be secure and use p2p as
transport we could maybe see real alternative to skype. Truth is that
there is a lot of computers which cannot act as a server and no-one will
want to host voip server for free (in large scale) so that two of these
behind nat computers could talk with eachother.

That's what STUN is for.
And it really isn't what is needed you will see when reading the spec and thinking of two isp's (companies,schools, etc.) doing large scale nat. But do what you like. Insist that current software does the job and complain how no one is switching away from skype.

The thing is that skype works quite reliably because of the agreement that when you use it connections of other people can route through your bandwith. I have managed to call trough it back to Finland in remote places like Urumuqi and being able to talk even surfing web had horrendous latency and speed issues. Granted there was probably some furius person listening it in Beijing who couldn't understand a word because I talked Finnish. (but that is expected when you make phone calls from country with totalitarian goverment)

Then with normal sip it would have been even more easy as they can intercept the packets and listen in to the conversation if I could have been able to connect at all. With most probable outcome being that latency of direct Urumuqi - Finland link would have killed the ability to hold meaningfull conversation. That's why you may need 3rd party or 4th party thru which you can get low latency link between two places.


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