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Fixing heading sequences in oowriter 3

Hi folks,

I have a document that I have been working on for a long time now, and I have 
a problem with the headings in it.

I used Heading 1 through to Heading 4, and as I've written the document all 
seemed fine.

However, when I now go back and add another section (heading 4 followed by 
Text body), I get either one of two problems.

1) the heading seems to be more indented, and started from sequence 1 again


2) stays on the correct indentation, but not with the right sequence.

This happened even more if for example I add a section into the middle of a 
number of existing heading 4 sections.

My questions are,

1) how do I make it so that oowriter inserts the new header 4 correctly
2) How do I make oowriter re-sequence the ones that are already written
Gary Stainburn
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