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Re: Howto setup of a directory server

On Mon, 8 Jun 2009 16:18:38 +0530
Arun Shrimali <arun reso gmail com> wrote:

> Dear All,  I am planning to setup a server with following features :
> 1. Authenticate  Unix and Windows users from an LDAP server (Fedora
> Directory Server)

Install the fedora-ds* packages

> 2. Map dedicated network drive for all the users under their username
> using SAMBA.
> 3. Enable roaming profile

This job is one for Samba (samba, samba-common)

> 4. Control hardware of client m/cs

No idea what you mean here.

> 5. Authenticate LDAP for Squid proxy server also.

It's been a while since I used Squid but it should have an LDAP
authentication helper

> 6. Local mail server which fetch mails from main server (external) for
> defined users and make available on LAN.

Fetchmail and Sendmail (or Postfix) are well suited to this task

> Can anybody suggest me which combination packages is best for the
> required setup and the best howto to setup the same.

I've suggested the appropriate packages, the setup is entirely
dependent on your local environment. The SAMBA, Squid and Fedora
Directory Server documentation should see you most of the way there

> regards
> regards


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