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Re: F10: grub won't boot, beeps instead

Colin Brace wrote:
> Hi all,
> This afternoon I went to reboot my F10 system, and after the usual BIOS
> initializations, it now hangs when it should boot Grub; "GRUB" is displayed
> and the system just starts beeping incessantly.
> I dug out the F9 rescue disk, and it was able to mount the system normally
> under /mnt/sysinstall, so there should be no problem with my file systems.
> Poking around /boot/grub, Menu.lst was last updated on 29 May, probably the
> date I installed the latest kernel (I hadn't rebooted after doing that). To
> my untrained eye, menu.lst looks OK. 
> At this point, I'd welcome suggestions on how to proceed further.
It sounds like you are going to have to re-install Grub. I can not
check it right now, but I thought there was an option to do that
when you booted in the rescue mode. If not, you can chroot
/mnt/sysinstall and run grub-install.


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