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Re: Downgrading hplip?

Tom Horsley wrote:
Just curious: Anyone know if it is possible to downgrade the newest
version of hplip that will be in fedora 11 to the old version
from fedora 10? Looks like the new version has lost the ability
to set the media tray correctly :-(.


Just wondering if lots of things depend on hplip or if it is
pretty much stand alone and could be replaced without also
involving all of cups and sane, etc? (I suppose I'll find out
when I try, but just wonder if it is worth trying).

it depends on some stuff, which is dependent on other stuff.
How I managed was Install F10, yum.conf exclude=hplip\*

And then upgraded with yum --skip-broken,
following the yum upgrade faq.

The is a bug on bugzilla.redhat.com and launchpad.

and I saw you added to launchpad.


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