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Re: F10: grub won't boot, beeps instead

Colin Brace wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> It sounds like you are going to have to re-install Grub. I can not
>> check it right now, but I thought there was an option to do that
>> when you booted in the rescue mode. If not, you can chroot
>> /mnt/sysinstall and run grub-install.
> OK, I ran grub-install on /dev/sdc; it seems to run without problem, and the
> device.map it generates appears correct: (hd0) = /dev/sdc1
> But grub still won't boot. :(
Oops - are you booting to /dev/sdc, or to another drive? (Check your
BIOS settings.) I need to wake up more and think about this...


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