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Re: Fedora 11 and Ext4: The Straight Bits

On 06/08/2009 01:33 PM, Jack Aboutboul wrote:
Read the complete interview here:

Let's face it--We're addicted! To files that is. More importantly, we
are addicted to the massively large and ever increasing storage devices
upon which we store those files. Make no mistake though, like any
addiction, storing content comes at a cost and usually those costs are
paid at the filesystem level. We all want more space and we all want
better performance when it comes to disk I/O and a junkie's wishlist
never ends.

Fedora 11, when released tomorrow, will be the first distribution to
boast the inclusion of ext4, the latest incarnation in the extended file
system family, as default. Ext4 brings with it support for larger
filesystems, larger single file size and many improvements in almost
every imaginable facet. Join me for an interview with Eric Sandeen,
renown file system hacker, Red Hat Engineer and Fedora Contributor as he
takes on a little trip down Filesystem Alley and explains what
filesystems are, where did they come from, why should we care and why
they along with Fedora 11 are prepping to take over the WOOOOORLD!

I don't mean to meddle here, but didn't Ubuntu have ext4 with their Jaunty Jackalope release?

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