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Re: Virtual Box install problem on FC10

it says:

vboxdrv                93896  0

Ok, if I need to go back to square one (the 4th email of this chain)... I compiled the stuff and then I had

Failed to start the virtual machine Kids.

VirtualBox can't operate in VMX root mode. Please disable the KVM kernel extension, recompile your kernel and reboot (VERR_VMX_IN_VMX_ROOT_MODE).

Result Code:

NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)




IConsole {9511bc54-15ee-4ddf-808e-472aba03809c}

How do I compile my kernel without this KVM kernel extension and what is the side effects of doing so?


2009/6/8 Sharpe, Sam J <sam sharpe+lists redhat gmail com>
2009/6/8 Yoram Halberstam <yoram halberstam gmail com>:
> yum install akmod-VirtualBox-OSE works... well, it installs all the packages
> and when I reboot does stuff.
> Running VirtualBox I had an error message, so I tried as root and got the
> following
> --------------------
> WARNING: The vboxdrv kernel module is not loaded. Either there is no module
>          available for the current kernel (
> or it failed to
>          load. Reboot the computer, or insert the kernel module by executing
>            '/sbin/modprobe vboxdrv' (as root)
>          You will not be able to start VMs until this problem is fixed.
> Qt WARNING: QGtkStyle cannot be used together with the GTK_Qt engine.
> Qt WARNING: Qt: Session management error: None of the authentication
> protocols specified are supported
> ------------
> I ran /sbin/modprobe vboxdrv with no error...
> when I run VirtualBox from commandline or from the icon I get an error
> screen
> -----------
> Caption:
> Failed to create the VirtualBox COM Object
> The application will now terminate
> Could not load the settings file '/home/yoram/.VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml'.
> Cannot convert settings from version '1.7-linux'.
> The source version is not supported.
> Result Code:
> Component:
> VirtualBox
> Interface:
> IVirtualBox {339abca2-f47a-4302-87f5-7bc324e6bbde}
> ---------
> Same thing with or without root.
> What's the deal?

Alas, while I can help you with sensible suggestions for installing
VirtualBox - I've never used it so I can't comment on anything the
application spits out...

Just one question - what does "/sbin/lsmod | grep vboxdrv" say? (this
is just to check that the VirtualBox kernel module *is* actually
loaded - that's about as far as I can go)

Yoram Halberstam
Computer Services Provider
MSN: netfever hotmail com

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