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Re: Advanced Installer

On Mon, Jun 08, 2009 at 20:02:06 +0200,
  davide <lists4davide gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,I've been a debian user for ten+ years now, and I would like to switch 
> to fedora.
> For my laptop I would like to install the OS on a LVM+dmcrypt 
> configuration. Is there a way to get an advanced installer to choose the 
> crypto details (as algorithm for encryption and hash, key size and so on)?
> With the livecd it seems all is choosen by it.

No. You'd have to lay out the partitions ahead of time. With a livecd
you'd be able to do that though.

> Another question, the dvd installation and the live cd one give different 
> results? I mean, they install the very same packages set or not?

With live DVDs and CDs you get whatever is installed on the live image.
You eseentially copy the file systems to disk. (In fact the root file
system type of the install has to match that of the image.)
With the install DVD you select which packages to install. So they is
no gauranty they will be the same. If you want a fixed set of packages, then
the normal mechanism is to use a kickstart file.

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