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Re: Documenting using asterisk with fedora talk?

On 09/06/09 02:43, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
I'd be willing to put this up somewhere, but I am not sure where to do the
data entry (Fedora Talk seems to be it's own area),
I would suggest putting it under your personal page on the fedoraproject.org/wiki to start with.

An alternative would be http://fedorasolved.org/

> how to get it reviewed
Then ask for reviewers on fedora-list. It would be good to ensure that other potential users can understand the instructions, by them testing your procedures. Nice thing about the wiki is that other (fas account) users can fix any minor nits, and make changes directly. It's also versioned, so that you can go back if some material gets lost on the way etc. ps. I did one for digital TV on Fedora [ https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DavidTimms/DVB ]

The next step would be making it an official guide.
  see Draft Documentation section for similar works in progress.


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