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RE: Wireless networking - should I install Ralink driver?

Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Frank Millman wrote:
> > My next step was going to be to install the Ralink driver 
> downloaded from
> > their site, but I thought I would check here first to see 
> if there are any
> > other suggestions.
> The driver from the Ralink site is legacy, I'm not even sure 
> they still
> update it at all, given that the rewritten driver from the 
> rt2x00 project
> (which is what you're getting by default) is now in the kernel itself.

Thanks for the info, Kevin. I am glad I checked here first.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? To recap, here is the problem again.

On startup, the card does not always initialise first time. It appears to
bring up wlan0 successfully, and it appears to
start wpa_supplicant successfully. However, the next step is to mount an NFS
share. Sometimes it works first time, but usually it sits there for a while
and then fails. If I then check iwconfig, it shows no Access Points, and 0
for Link Quality. I then run 'service network restart' and 'service
wpa_supplicant restart' a couple of times, and it usually comes up on the
second or third attempt.

Is it worth trying ndiswrapper?



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