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Re: Advanced Installer

Bruno Wolff III <bruno <at> wolff.to> writes:

> > For my laptop I would like to install the OS on a LVM+dmcrypt 
> > configuration. Is there a way to get an advanced installer to choose the 
> > crypto details (as algorithm for encryption and hash, key size and so on)?
> > With the livecd it seems all is choosen by it.
> No. You'd have to lay out the partitions ahead of time. With a livecd
> you'd be able to do that though.

so do you mean I should format my disk, prepare the two layer configuration
(lvm and dmcrypt) as I prefer and then simply install over it, after 
mounting the prepared disk (probably I should choose: substitute 
the actual linux installation -coculd be different, I used the localized
version-)? Ok, should be aesily feasable.

> > Another question, the dvd installation and the live cd one give different 
> > results? I mean, they install the very same packages set or not?
> With live DVDs and CDs you get whatever is installed on the live image.
> You eseentially copy the file systems to disk. (In fact the root file
> system type of the install has to match that of the image.)
> With the install DVD you select which packages to install. So they is
> no gauranty they will be the same. If you want a fixed set of packages, then
> the normal mechanism is to use a kickstart file.

ok, actualy I would prefer a minimal installation set and then add what I
 want with yum and his friends, I noticed a netinstall disk or similar,
 I'll give a look.

Thanks for your time.

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