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Re: Packet Manager

suvayu ali <fatkasuvayu+linux <at> gmail.com> writes:

> 2009/6/8 davide <lists4davide <at> gmail.com>:
> > Il Mon, 08 Jun 2009 12:51:33 -0600, Kevin Kempter ha scritto:
> >>
> >> Have a look at yumex
> >
> > Kevin, Mick thank you for the answer.
> >
> > Is there an option for command line?
> > Just to be sure if something go wrong I can manage things from console.
> >
> > by the way Yumex seems very very good.
> >
> aptitude is a really awesome piece of tool. I use it at work. But yum
> with yum-utils and rpm can be very powerful. It lacks a nice interface
> like aptitude, but once you are familiar with most of the capabilities
> of yum, yum-utils and rpm they can be more effective than aptitude.

I don't doubt that, it's probably mainly a question of habit; but with aptitude
you have all the information about every recently added, obsolete and
upgradeable package just under your eyes in the ncurses gui.
It is very very comfortable.
I saw tha yum is not less usable or less capable but you should invoke it for
every wished action. I'll take the habit. :-)

Thanks for your time.

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