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Re: easycap video adapter

I am a new linux user and I have bought an EasyCap grabber 4 Channels. 
I have two problems with it:

1)I installed the driver 1.4 and the patch, but the level of whitness is locked and so I cannot whatch the pictures. The device is recognized by applications, but does not work. (driver version 2.1 gives errors)
When I compile the driver 1.4, no errors are present, but just a couples of warning about declarations into code, but I was not able to correct those wornings: commenting the codelins related to the warnings, they continue to be presents.

Do anybody has a working stk1160 driver? Could you please send it to me? Thanks a lot.

2)I have to switch between the four input, but I do not know how;  somebody wrote to switch between inputs and not to multiplex signal...help me please...

Thank you in advance for you help.


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