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Re: gpg: how to add a public key into keyring for gnome/evolution

Dario Lesca wrote:
> Hi, how to add (into keyring?) a public key for verify mail
> signature into Gnome/evolution ?
> KDE have 'kgpg', what is the utility for Gnome?

I believe seahorse is the graphical app for Gnome.  I forget what it's
named on the menus and I'm not at my Fedora box at the moment

You can, of course, use kgpg just fine.  There are only one set of gpg
keyrings¹, so adding a key with kgpg adds it to the same place as
seahorse or gpg from the command line would.

¹ By default anyway.  You can configure gpg to use multiple keyrings,
but if you did that,  you'd know it. :)

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