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Re: Windows vs Linux

Tait Clarridge wrote:
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Some people say that there are no alternative applications in linux for

1.Microsoft office

I happily use Microsoft Office on Linux, OpenOffice+Evolution is coming close these days too.
Check out Crossover Office (google search it) to see what it is all about. It is basically WINE made easy.

2.Microsoft Visual Studio(for .net application)

No answer here... except that MS sucks?

3.Some games can't be run in linux like Fifa 2008,Cricket

Again, Crossover Office or Crossover Games might have support for these.

4.Latest Adobe application such as Adobe Flash,Dreamweaver etc

This is true, but I am just as happy with GIMP (as are a lot of people who use it for photo editing). Inkscape is a pretty good alternative for Adobe Illustrator.. but again Crossover Office or even WINE should be able to run CS2 versions.

I think,Linux will overcome these things someday.

But there is one thing about linux is that "NO VIRUS IN LINUX".
What would you say?

That there is no possible way to say that ANY operating system cannot get a virus, it is a surefire way to get one.
Although there are lots of viruses for Windows out there, some exploits still exist across every platform.

Best bet is to get virus protection, no matter what OS you have.


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I have been quite happy with OpenOffice 3.0 as a substitute for Microsoft Office.  While OpenOffice may not have all the features of Microsoft Office, I never used all of the features of Microsoft Office.  The one piece that I have not explored yet is OpenOffice Base, when used with MySQL (or other databases) is a replacement for Microsoft Access.  Base lets you build reports and forms; I just have not had the time yet to master it.

I used Crossover to run Microsoft Office on Redhat 7.0 (many, many moons ago) and was not happy with it.  Will the Office programs ran just like they did in Windows, they made Linux also run like Windows -- needing to be rebooted several time a day.  Again, that was back in 2002; Crossover and Wine have gone through major improvements so I would be very much surprise to see that behavior still existing today.

The Mono project comes with Fedora and its IDE is MonoDevelop.  The Mono project allows you to develop and run C# and .NET applications.  There is also DotGnu for C# and .NET development.  You probably have to download the DotGnu source from their website http://www.gnu.org.software/dotgnu since there is not a DotGnu package in Fedora 10 (I do not know if it is in Fedora 11).

My preference is to use Eclipse and Emacs for development but alternatives are available.

As for games, I do not play enough of the heavy duty, graphical intensive games to say much hear.  I did get the game Physicus to run on Fedora 10 using Wine.  Physicus is written to run on Vista and XP and does use 3-d  graphics.

  Steven F. LeBrun

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