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Re: Packet Manager

davide wrote:
Il Mon, 08 Jun 2009 12:51:33 -0600, Kevin Kempter ha scritto:

On Monday 08 June 2009 12:26:01 davide wrote:
Hi, I was looking in the interweb for a packet manager for fedora,
something very cool and fast. I tried yum and it is very very cool, but
has fedora something like aptitude? I mean with aptitude I have an
ncurses interface from which I can see all the packages Installed
Uninstalled, Upgradeable and so on.

Thanks a lot.
Have a look at yumex

Kevin, Mick thank you for the answer.

Is there an option for command line?
Just to be sure if something go wrong I can manage things from console.

by the way Yumex seems very very good.

I use yumex for GUI. For CLI, use yum and different tools. That is what yum is. It is a CLI package manager. I use it for remote updates.

Look at
  man yum
to know the full details of the power. Of course once you add in plugins, you now have a more powerful CLI manager. Much more powerful than yumex is.

Robin Laing

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