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Re: network question - is this unusual?

Gerhard Magnus wrote:
I recently had to deal with my ISP about a connectivity problem that
turned out to be on their end. (The tech referred to linux as lie-nux

If you insist on "correct pronunciation" then you should pronounce
it "lee-nooks" to rhyme with "free kooks". If you say "linnux" then you
shouldn't complain about "lie-nux", as neither of them is the way
Linus (pr. lee-noos) says it, and it's derived from his name.


I thought I'd check this out before going further....

I've got the same setup with fixed IP on the back side of the
router, and only one machine. That's a very normal setup. Many
people who run only some version of Windows are however not
very security savvy or conscious, and don't run with a router,
and always use DHCP even if with a router.

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