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Re: OT: Can Reformatting A Hard Drive To ext3 Destroy All the Data On It?

Robert L Cochran wrote:
I have a hard drive that I need to destroy the data on. What is the most dependable way to do this? Can reformatting the drive as ext3 or ext4 or some other filesystem effectively destroy the existing data?

Is there free software that can write zeroes or some form of nonsense to every storage location?

Overwriting the disc, even several times, is not enough to guarantee
that the data _cannot_ be recovered. If you truly need to make the
data unrecoverable, then a hammer is all that's needed. To be truly
sure, open the case (also requires a screwdriver or nutdriver),
and shatter each disc separately. They are usually ceramic these
days, I think. Anyway, physical destruction is the only real guarantee.

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