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Re: SMART - Please shut up!!

David wrote:

> If it was *me* I would replace the harddrive. That would do two
> things. It solves the major problem, the dying HD, and
> also eliminates the dying HD warning.  :-)

> Or you can turn this dying HD warning off in the computers BIOS.
> That's where mine is set yo on. That will turn off the warning
> so that one day it will just die a peaceful surprise death.
> Taking your data with it.

Right now I'm getting the Palimpsest failure warning as a result of a
single reallocated sector.  Smart's overall-health assessment is PASSED.
 I have Smart output from a former 8 GB drive (replaced due to
obsolescence, not failure) showing 373 reallocated sectors, and Smart's
assessment on that was also PASSED.  IMO gnome-disk-utility (Palimpsest)
should rely on Smart's assessment, and only provide additional warnings
if the disk stats change (and then just once, not every single login).
If Smart isn't strict enough, that should be changed.

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