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Re: Virtual Box install problem on FC10

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 1:44 PM, Yoram
Halberstam<yoram halberstam gmail com> wrote:
> Errr... yeah I did, then what? It says it don't work though one guy suggest
> unloading the module instead of removing it....

Keep in mind that most people make suggestions based on their own
experiences, which are very different from you by virtue of having
different hardware configs.

> The choice for me is simple, vbox works without KVM - I don't try to fight
> the system... I'm too novice for that! :)

We've all been there. A long march starts with the first step...  ;-)

> Seriously, do I really loose out by not having KVM? What does KVM do?

This is a good place to learn more about KVM.

Consider joining the fedora-virt list.

This things take time to learn. Learn your hardware specs and don't
be discouraged to try and fail. That's how it goes.

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