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Re: old fc8 laptop power management strangeness

Dave Burns wrote:
I have to use an old laptop running fc8 today. I opened the power
management panel and set it to never go to sleep when on AC power. It
goes to sleep anyhow. Does anyone remember how to make this work in
fc8? HW is dell latitude d410?

Is the computer actually suspending? Or is the X11 screensaver kicking in and blanking the screen? Are there any setting in your CMOS setup related to your problem?

I set the "put computer to sleep when inactive for" and "put display
to sleep when inactive for" both to 'never' and set "when lid is
closed' to 'do nothing'. But if I leave it alone for a while it goes
to sleep (logging me out completely) and also if I close the lid.

Does your BIOS support ACPI?

I'd settle for a way to get it to ask me to authenticate rather than
logging me out. That's what I expect from my desktop system, and while

Logging you out? Sounds like the X11 screensaver kicked in and you have give your password to get back in. If that's the case, disable your screensaver. I wouldn't want to walk away from my laptop or desktop in a work setting and have someone else come up and start using my computer under my credentials....without my OK!

the laptop is plugged into a power outlet I'd expect it to do the

Works OK for me on my F9 laptop.


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