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Re: FC11: Unable to add a printer

On Wed, 2009-06-10 at 09:51 +0200, Marco Guazzone wrote:
> Dear Fedora users,
> I've just installed FC11 x86_64.
> When I try to add a new printer with system-config-printer (as root),
> I get the following error message after clicking the Apply button (in
> the last step of the "New Printer" wizard):
> --- [error] ---
> Unauthorized request (addPrinter)
> You are not authorized to carry out the requested action.
> --- [/error] ---
> The step I've done are the following:
> 1. From a root account, run the system-config-printer
> 2. Click on "New" button
> 3. Select the Network Printer -> AppSocket/HP Jet Direct
> 4. Insert the IP address and click on Forward
> 5. Select the "HP Laserjet 4250 Postscript [en] (recommended)" driver
> and click on Forward
> 6. Add the Printer Name, Description and Location and click on Apply
> 7. Error!!

Try running it as regular user and just give root's password when it
needs extra privileges and see if that works.

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

Fedora Project - Bugzapper, Tester, User, etc..
miketc302 fedoraproject org

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