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Re: SMART - Please shut up!!

On 6/9/2009 6:38 PM, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> --- On Tue, 6/9/09, David <dgboles comcast net> wrote:
>> From: David <dgboles comcast net>
>> Subject: Re: SMART - Please shut up!!
>> To: "Community assistance, encouragement, and advice for using Fedora." <fedora-list redhat com>
>> Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2009, 2:03 PM
>> On 6/9/2009 3:23 PM, Andrew Jamison
>> wrote:
>>> Ok i understand the reasoning behind displaying when
>> drives are failing
>>> using SMART but for the love of all that is holy is
>> there a shut up
>>> button somewhere? I knew the first 40 times that it
>> told me my drive was
>>> failing i do not need a reminder every time i login
>> how do i disable
>>> this notification.
>> If it was *me* I would replace the harddrive. That would do
>> two things.
>> It solves the major problem, the dying HD, and also
>> eliminates the dying
>> HD warning.  :-)
>> Or you can turn this dying HD warning off in the computers
>> BIOS. That's
>> where mine is set yo on. That will turn off the warning so
>> that one day
>> it will just die a peaceful surprise death. Taking your
>> data with it.
>> -- 
>>   David
>> -- 
> What if this notification is false?
> I got the notifications in three of four machines.  Most of them new hardrives. Something is wrong with that program. I filed a bug against it.  
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=498115
> There is also another upstream bug against it.  So I am not the only one that does not agree with it.  
> If the hard drive dies, I use a livecd.  They will not shut me down :)
> Then I replace the hard drive when I have a chance. 
> Regards,
> Antonio 

Antonio. If the HD has bad sectors when it dies what is written on/
across the bad sectors dies with it. Live-CDs might let you see the
grave. Do research on this. If you value your data this is important.

I thought that the OP was using real diagnostics. The BIOS or the
testing software from the HD manufacturer. Not some cute little utility
from 'some one out there' in Cyber-Space.

I use the real diagnostics from the HD manufacturer to test my hardware.
Who knows. If the drive is still under warenty it can be replaced. But
they will want you to run their diagnostics first.



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