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Re: ISO download very failed

Steve Searle wrote:
Around 11:02pm on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 (UK time), Andre Robatino scrawled:

Which torrent was this downloaded from?  Normally, if the contents are
bad, the comments will root it out pretty quickly.

I followed the link on the Fedora site's page:

Which client did you use to bring the image down with? I used the standard bittorrent from the RPM of the same name. One of its "features" is that when you stop a torrent, and restart it, it re-verifies what you currently have with the "seed" image before it starts serving up pieces to the masses again. If it finds any problems, it re-downloads those portions.

I guess it could of got corrupted on my drive - i can mount the iso
image but I don't know if that is relevant.

Try stopping and restarting your torrent.

I'm redownloading from the direct download now.

That's another way to do it....

I guess if anyone else gets the sha256sum value I got, then we will know
we have a dodgy version.

You have a dodge version. We still don't know how it got that way. Is your hard drive OK? Are you running smartd on it?


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