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Re: language input

Craig White wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-06-10 at 08:50 -0700, Craig White wrote:
>> KDE 4 / Fedora 10
>> I am trying to add Chinese language. I added via yum, scim-pinyin
>> kde-l10n-Chinese openoffice.org-langpack-zh_CN (and dependencies).
>> I have enabled the Chinese keyboard in systemsettings and have logged
>> out and logged back in again.
>> I have the keyboard switcher between English and Chinese in my task bar
>> and can switch back and forth but if I start either openoffice.org or
>> kwrite, neither allow me to type Chinese like I can in Windows. What do
>> I need to do?
> ----
> I have to believe that some people switch their input language/keyboards
> in Linux. No one?
Sorry it too so long.  My F10 system is a virtual machine and I don't
normally use it.  Also, it is my wife that inputs Simplified Chinese.

She doesn't use pinyin but python-pinyin.

Logged in...  Started ooffice writer...did Ctrl+Shift and started
typing.  SCIM is also configured such that alt-shift toggles through the
configured input methods.

So, basically, no problem here with python-pinyin.  She did try to use
pinyin but couldn't get it to work...not sure why since she was in a
hurry to get to work and said she would try it later...  I'll see if I
can....in a bit.

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