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Re: F11: can't record from line input

2009/6/10 James Bridge <james xmas demon co uk>:
> F11 seems only to have microphone input. I could record from line input
> in F10, using audacity. (Gnome sound recorder always gave problems.) F11
> has simplified the audio controls to the point that it seems impossible
> to activate the line input.
> What to do? No point in suggesting remove PulseAudio, since that won't
> bring the ALSA controls back!

Investigate the "Advanced Volume Control" in the Preferences menu. I
believe it's invoked from the command line as gst-mixer.

This is what the F11 Release Notes have to say on your subject:

Volume Control
    An updated volume control manager application provides you with
more control over your audio preferences. Better integrated with
PulseAudio, you can now control individual application inputs and
outputs along with the sources and destinations for the audio.
    Using the new PulseAudio-based volume applet, there is no way to
adjust ALSA sound levels. If they are set too low, raising the
PulseAudio sound levels may not work acceptably. For this contingency,
the old gstreamer-based volume application is also available by
default. It is available under the name Advanced Volume Control, in
the System>Preferences menu section. You will also need to use this
application if you need to select an input channel for recording (for
instance, line-in or mic-in).


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