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Re: language input

On Thu, 2009-06-11 at 12:18 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:

> Well....when I login from the console everything needed to use the input
> methods is already started.  No need to manually start anything...
> [egreshko f10 packages]$ ps -eaf | grep scim
> egreshko  9260     1  0 09:32 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/scim
> egreshko  9326     1  0 09:32 ?        00:00:00
> /usr/lib/scim-1.0/scim-launcher-d -c simple -e all -f socket --no-stay
> egreshko  9328  9260  0 09:32 ?        00:00:00
> /usr/lib/scim-1.0/scim-launcher-c socket -e socket -f x11
> egreshko  9355     1  0 09:32 ?        00:00:00
> /usr/lib/scim-1.0/scim-helper-manager
> egreshko  9356     1  0 09:32 ?        00:00:14
> /usr/lib/scim-1.0/scim-panel-gtk --display :0.0 -c socket -d --no-stay
> egreshko  9452     1  0 09:32 ?        00:00:02 scim-bridge
> I've always installed my system with multi-language support from the
> start.  So, I've not looked into how all these do get started.
> I would make sure these are already started when you first login before
> assuming you need to launch manually.
> Yes, it sounds like your issue is actually with scim. 
> I would also make sure you have a symbolic link in your home directory....
>  .xinputrc -> /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim.conf
that was big...I think that was what I needed (the .xinputrc symbolic
link in my $HOME) because once I created that and logged out and logged
back in, I was able to type Chinese and I got rid of the KDE keyboard
switcher thinking it blocked some things like the up/down arrows and
delete keys but maybe it is scim doing that.

The only thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to 'page'
through the various word choices from scim/pinyin from the keyboard so I
don't have to grab the mouse with each word I enter if the word I want
happens not to be on the first 'page' of choices.

As for multi-language support at installation time...it never occurred
to me that I would be interested in multi-language setup...I am an
American  ;-)  This is a new thing for me and while I don't need to
learn Chinese, it intrigues me (unless Red Hat would want to offer me a
job in Beijing ;-). Copy/paste can only get me so far. 



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