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Re: Fedora 10 and plotters? - OT

Kevin Kempter wrote:
  Hi All;

I'm a database consultant so I'm forever printing large database models onto 25 sheets of letter sized paper and taping them together - tiresome.

I've found a used plotter, an HP DesignJet 750C - a 36" color plotter with automatic roll feed and cutter.

I walked thru part of the cups add printer setup and the 750c is listed as an option in the printer list.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has any experience running an HP plotter via Linux, are there any gotcha's? do I have to tweak anything to tell the printer (and Linux) that I'm printing to 36" paper as opposed to 24"? Will the automatic roll feed and cutter just work? etc..

Thanks in advance...

I have used a large format hp 1050c printer and it is classified as a plotter by some. It is used via cups as it is a different building.

Maybe you can find a large format printer to meet your requirements.

Robin Laing

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