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Sending udev event manually

I have a laptop (Thinkpad T60) which is attached to a Belkin KVM. There are other
Linux and Windows systems attached to the same KVM.
I'm using a docking station and PS/2 mouse and keyboard.

When I boot my laptop in the docking station, the keyboard and mouse (PS/2) work fine.
As soon as I switch to other systems and come back to the laptop, the mouse stops working.

I have to attach a USB mouse to the back of the docking station to get a mouse which is very inconvenient.

How can I send a "configure device" event or similar to udev to make it facilitate configuration of the PS/2 mouse?
I know I have to do it every time I switch away from the laptop and come back to it.

The KVM is supposed to keep the signal for mouse for all the systems. other systems don't exhibit similar problem.
It may be that this is the KVM problem but nonetheless the question remains: how can I send a signal /event to udev to force it to configure the PS/2 mouse? or keep the system from removing PS/2 from active devices once it has been configured?



Ali Sobhi

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