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Re: Update to F11 or new install?

2009/6/11 Tait Clarridge <Tait Clarridge lavalife com>:
>> Are there any expected downsides to doing an upgrade versus a complete
>> re-install?
> I think certain reasons have already been stated, but basically you probably want to
> consider how long it might take to fix any tweaks that work in Fedora 10 but may not in
> Fedora 11. When I made my decision to re-install completely it was because I had so
> many things I could see going wrong when I made the switch. I haven't actually had a
> successful upgrade either, I tried from Fedora 9 to Fedora 10 and that never jived well
> with my setup.

I tried F9 -> F10 and F10 -> F11.

The former was quite a pain. Lots of work to make everything work.

The latter passed great, except for one BUG in anaconda when it tried
to start a swap partition that was actually a swapfile on a different
partition then /. Besides that, preupgrade did the job quite well.

I I'm very happy on how the upgrade process has evolved in the last release.

Martín Marqués
select 'martin.marques' || '@' || 'gmail.com'
DBA, Programador, Administrador

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