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Re: No audio on F11 and pulseaudio questions

Chris wrote:
Installed F11 yesterday. Generally very impressed but I've got no
sound. I'm using an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card and there's a bug
report which matches the symptoms I'm experiencing here:


In the comments, the reporter mentions that sound works when he stops
pulseaudio and runs through alsa. I'm struggling to do the same since
pulseaudio always restarts itself. I've tried "pulseaudio -k" and
"kill <pulse's PID>" but it always respawns. I had a look in
/etc/event.d to see if it's started in there and is set to respawn but
there's nothing there.

Any ideas on how I can kill pulse? I'd also ask if anyone's got ideas
about how to fix the lack of sound, but it looks like a bug that
others are also experiencing.

In /etc/alsa the default device for alsa is set to pulseaudio. If you move the file that does that you will get the default alsa device which is the first sound card on your system. Then if you kill pulseaudio, it won't respawn.

Warning, this is effectively disabling pulseaudio so you won't get any of its effects even though it is installed. Could be side effects, though I haven't really noticed any.

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