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Re: Monitor Driver for Sony VGN-FW235J

Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
> 2009/6/11 thor richards <fve6b2 yahoo com>:
>> I downloaded Fedora 11 and running it on my laptop through a Virtual box by
>> Sun. It's working great but the monitor driver is not loaded, therefore; the
>> resolution is limited.  Does anyone know where I can find the video driver
>> for the laptop listed above. I checked the support website at Sony and they
>> don't have it nor do they support Linux. Thanks, tr
> Monitors don't require drivers, Graphics Cards do require drivers.
> Am I correct in reading that you are:
> 1) Running some other OS on your laptop, that is not Fedora 11 (e.g. Windows)
> 2) Running Fedora 11 in a VirtualBox virtual machine on top of that other OS.
> If so, then you don't need a Linux driver for your real monitor or
> indeed graphics card, what you need is a Linux driver for the virtual
> graphics card that VirtualBox emulates for the VM.
> If it's anything like other Virtualisation software, then what it
> emulates is a fairly low-spec graphics card which is not capable of
> much more than 1024x768 - so you may be stuck with what you have.
It emulates a fairly high end graphics card. But it helps if you
install the VertualBox additions. (They are on a virtual CD and are
easy to install. They give more benefits then just the video driver.

You may want to read the part of the manual dealing with runing a
Linux guest.


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