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Re: Thuderbird focus stealing

On Sun, Jun 07, 2009 at 10:16:26AM -0400, William Murray wrote:
>   Hello all,
>          I have a UI issue with thunderbird. When I reply to an email  
> the next
> thing I do is drag it into the corresponding 'dealt with email on that  
> subject' folder
> Maybe this is an unusual behaviour.
>   The problem is that as I drag it a notification pops up in the bottom  
> right
> corner saying my mail is delivered, and it messes up the mouse focus. I
> am still dragging, but I cannot drop. So I have to let go, go back to the
> mail and pick it up again.
>   Sounds trivial but it happens so often it gets frustrating.
>     Any ideas how to avoid this?
>       Thanks,
>          Bill

File a bug... there is a race condition or a subtle misuse of 
mouse focus management.

The obvious, is to wait on the delivery notification prior to 
your "drag to folder" action.   

My guess is that the send thread/ process blocks some state transitions
associated with the existing message that you are replying to
and that is not being managed in an asynchronous way that matches 
your work habits.

In the bug report be very clear how you have thunderbird outgoing and
incoming mail setup.   Sending an receiving mail is interesting... the
interlocks that your system keeps on the local side to ensure reliable
delivery must interact with the far side...  Pop, imap, smtp, local,
procmail, local+NFS, MTA agent list ('Sendmail', 'Postfix', 'Exim',
'sSMTP', 'ESMTP') for N!*authentications!, bind, nis, enigmamail, etc interactions
and more to test.

Another work around might be to use a  local sendmail to quickly
accept your mail and then your MTA (say sendmail) can deliver it 
via a smart host at its own+remote host's pace.   

Also see if you can set up thunderbird to queue outgoing mail.
It sounds like your external mail service is "slowish" at
authentication/ login time so this can be worth doing too.

	T o m  M i t c h e l l 
	Found me a new hat, now what?

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