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Anyone Successfully Install with RAID1 or LVM over RAID1?

Has anyone successfully installed F11 x86_64 using RAID1 or LVM on top of RAID1? If so, what was the key to your success? I'm looking for some suggestions.

I must admit that I'm getting a bit frustrated with Fedora releases that have Anaconda partitioning issues. It seems that every second or third release I can successfully install a system with RAID1/LVM. This time around, it's not looking so good. I participated in pre-release testing and thought that these problems were behind us.

Anyway, I've install F11 (i386 & x86_64) successfully several times as long as I leave RAID1 out of the picture. I did find a few other small bugs in the partitioning tool, but none that I couldn't work around. I have filed a bug report for this latest issue.

My main problem at this point is that I want a fresh F11 install on my main workstation, but the installer isn't happy with my preferred partition scheme. I also need to point out that this is a partitioning layout that I've been using successfully using for many, many years and many, many versions of RedHat/Fedora.

Hopefully, there will be some solution in the near future.

--Brian Hanks

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