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Fresh Fedora 11 fetches 362MB+ of updates, where's deltaRPM?


Just got Fedora 11 installed on a fresh partition in one of my desktops.

It feels VERY snappy indeed. The first boot certainly didn't seem to
work in 20 secs or less, more like 30 or 40, but I wonder if that's
because it was the first boot.

Two quick observations:

The system updater downloads and fetches 362.5 MB of fixes and updates
on the first connection. Where is DeltaRPM?? Do I have to manually
enable it?? Does it even work?. With DeltaRPM I certianly expected 50
MB of "bindiffs" rather than fetching 362.5MB of full packages.

Am I missing something in my reasoning?

TWO: Coming from Fedora 10 and its default bright blue desktop
background and loading screen, I found the default desktop wallpaper
in Fedora 11 to be absolutely sucide-inducing. Wasn't there a more
pale version possible? Perhaps dark gray or just black?. *sarcasm*

Okay, away it wen an brigh blue it is now. All fine.

Good work. At least it didn't crash and burn when manually setting up
IP addresses as Fedora 10 did.

So far so good. OO.o 3.1 is very snappy.
The "beta" tag in the main browser (FF) looks a bit unprofessional.
Anyway, SeaMonkey has been installed to solve it. :)

Evolution as the default e-mail client is also irking to me, but
nothing that SeaMonkey can't solve. :p

Oh wait, I said two comments.... :)

Dream of the Daily Mail
It is the Holy Grail
And then the BBC
Your life would be complete

-Manic Street Preachers, "Royal Correspondent"

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