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Re: Fresh Fedora 11 fetches 362MB+ of updates, where's deltaRPM?

On 06/12/2009 12:55 PM, Fernando Cassia wrote:

> Thanks Rahul, but I guess you meant:
> "Go to System->Administration-> Add/Remove Programs, and select yum-presto".
> It's best not to assume that the user is comfortable with the command
> line, even while I have no problem doing so.

Well intended advice, I think but it is pretty hard to follow.

Command line is desktop environment independent and tends to stay
consistent between releases while graphical interfaces change quite a
bit and there is a different one for GNOME, KDE and so on.  If someone
asks for Delta RPMs specifically, it is in fact pretty safe to assume he
or she has enough understanding to use the command line. Fedora users in
my experience answering questions for years on this list, tend to have
this understanding. If not, they can always ask for more clarification.

> Any idea why yum-presto isn't installed and enabled by default?. One
> would think it'd be in Redhat and its mirrors best interest to save
> bandwidth and time for all ....

Mirrors are mostly voluntary and many of them seem to prefer higher
bandwidth usage to higher I/O that deltas cause but the reason why it is
not enabled by default is that this feature was only enabled past the
feature freeze and it was considered safer to evaluate it as a default
for the next release. Fedora 12 very likely will have it by default.


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