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Re: Sending udev event manually

Ali Sobhi wrote:
> I have a laptop (Thinkpad T60) which is attached to a Belkin KVM. There
> are other
> Linux and Windows systems attached to the same KVM.
> I'm using a docking station and PS/2 mouse and keyboard.
> When I boot my laptop in the docking station, the keyboard and mouse
> (PS/2) work fine.
> As soon as I switch to other systems and come back to the laptop, the
> mouse stops working.
> I have to attach a USB mouse to the back of the docking station to get a
> mouse which is very inconvenient.
> How can I send a "configure device" event or similar to udev to make it
> facilitate configuration of the PS/2 mouse?
> I know I have to do it every time I switch away from the laptop and come
> back to it.
> The KVM is supposed to keep the signal for mouse for all the systems.
> other systems don't exhibit similar problem.
> It may be that this is the KVM problem but nonetheless the question
> remains: how can I send a signal /event to udev to force it to configure
> the PS/2 mouse? or keep the system from removing PS/2 from active
> devices once it has been configured?
Please do not post in HTML!

man udevcontrol

Also take a look at udevtrigger.


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